Testing out codes with sublime

Trying to do some of the codes listed on this website? Here is how you can test the code seen on this website and see its’ output.  

1st step: Go to mis 3371 syllabus, go to any of the previous exam 1’s (for simplicity sake, please click on spring 2020). Click on it. Right click- Save As – name the file .html – go to your folder locate the just saved file. right click on it. open it with sublime text. you see the source code there. scroll down on your sublime text until you see function p1(). delete all the code between the curly braces in function p1. replace the code with your own code. now output it out to the webpage with p1_out.innerHTML = your code here. Lastly, go to your folder, locate the just saved file again, but now click on it. It will take you to the browser where you can see the code’s output. (client side). 

Hope this helps.