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Currently studying some TP2 material right now, it’s something very new to me. I’m still getting exposed to this new material. I know that we will be doing .asp and .asp is just means of communication between the server side of things. I know that we will also be utilizing html as well. And the programming structure is based on vb script. So far, I’ve been on Dr. Parks 4372 website and just going over his program lists and executions. First one, it went well cuz it just showed how a for loop looked like in vbscript, it’s a very basic programming language. it says for i = 1 to 10, thats such an unique way to write a for loop imo. the second program execution is quite different. it utilizes a database and a recordset. im looking at the program listing for the second one, and it’s quite complex in terms of having implicit knowledge of some objects. for example, i’m looking at the rs = Create.Object(“DOBS.recordset”) and intially it confused me because ive never seen this statement in my life. but upon more research, i did find out that DODBS represents an object created to retrieve rows and columns of a table in a database. so that makes sense somewhat. but the next line in his code, completely tripped me out, because it says this: sql_string = “SELECT * from badge;” I’m like hol up what? whered badge come from? how does this program know the badge table, if it even exists? It’s like it just got conjured up outta nowhere! So, now im trying to figure that out. 9/12/2020 11:40 AM


Apparently, that code of line “sql_String = …” was just a string to display on the webpage, we havent done anything about opening any table. I guess that was just the playcall, not necesarily the execution. So the next line makes more sense then, because it was just a response.write code, where it just displayed the SQL statement. not the execution but the actual syntax. The next statement is, = “SQL_STRING


Forms… what are forms? Its been a while. There is a category in html. tho thats for sure. Well ima dive deep into the learning process of forms. <form name=”badgeform” action=”” METHOD=”POST”>.

this line of code made me say yup need to study forms. 

first what is a form?

a form tag in html is used to gather user input. it contain these attributes..

action … specifies where to send the form data (user input) to.. 

name… specifies the name of the form.. sortve like an identifier for the specific form.  ight bet thats all the info i need as of right now for form information. 

method… specifies the method to use when sending the form data to a specific location as specified by the action.


So that line of code that made me wonder:

<form name=”badgeform” action=”” METHOD=”POST”>

revisting this… looks like we created a form to gather user input. called this form badgeform, and we will send the user input to a site called (the server side of things in TP2) .. and the method to send it to auckland.. is POST.  seems like i should change some of the \ after to my database credentials.. less get it.

Disgusting.. I thought i was done with form tags. It actually has another layer to it. Its very similar to the table tag. 


then you haveandand

Forms.. you have 

and then some more inner components inside of it called elements to make a form to work.

the elements in this program are called input for now. so what is input? 

An specifies an input field where user can enter their data. Its the most important element of the form tag. To me, it seems like is like

at the same time. where table encompass the table, like a form is a whole pie, the slices each represnts the input>. and then how do you wanna present the input to the user, because there are many things to enter data, you can check on a box, type in text, circle some buttons, click , whatever, many fluid stuff happening. the default, and the one this program likes. is .

This line of code that made me wonder:

Seems like we specified within a form. an input field text, where user type their input. size is 10. what is size? size specifies the width (in characters) of how long the input shall be. so it seems like for this ubid input, we shall make it max 10 characters long. or you can say 10 bytes. 

ADODB.Connection vs ADODB.Recordset

  • Connection used to create an open connection to a data source. Through this connection, you can access and use a database.
  • If you want to access a database multiple times, you should establish a connection using the Connection object. 
  • Recordset used to hold a set of records from a database table. Object consists of a rows and columns of a particular table.
  • Most important, used to manipulate data from a database.

CREATE TABLE table_name (
    column1 datatype,
    column2 datatype,
    column3 datatype,

INSERT INTO Customers (CustomerName, ContactName, Address, City, PostalCode, Country)
VALUES (‘Cardinal’‘Tom B. Erichsen’‘Skagen 21’‘Stavanger’, 4006‘Norway’);

Lets say this.. so its easy to say

SQLString = “Create TABLE badge (“

SQLString = SQLString + “bid int NOT NULL,”

SQLString = SQLString + “bloc char(1),” ….

However insert values are a bit different. were going to need to include a ‘ for each variable that is NOT an int. Here you go..

SQLString2 = “INSERT INTO badge “

SQLString2 = SQLString 2 + “(bid,bloc,blastname,bfirstname) VALUES (“

SQLString2 = SQLString2 + request.form(“ubid”) + “,”

SQLString2 = SQLString2 + chr(39) + request.form(“ubloc”) + chr(39) + “,” 

chr(39) is ASCII in VBscript version meaning ‘ . Thats it. we need a ‘ to signify its a varchar. really. notice how there is none in bid because its an int.


“<a href=’bdelete.asp?token=2&bdelete=”+cstr(rs(“bid”))+”‘> Delete </a>”

Anytime the user clicks the delete. the http grabs values after the ‘?’.  Later on we will refer to the value in the program with this code: Request.QueryString(“bdelete”).  What is the value? well we set it equals to the bid of that particular recordset (in that particular row). 



Page.IsValid property

 property to check whether page validation succeeded or not

new SqlConnection ( ” server:; database:; uid:; pwd:;”)

new SqlCommand(command, server location)

Regex.IsMatch Method- Indicates whether the regular expression finds a match in the input string. 

myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue- (string parametername, value) 

  • (“@mjrv”, mjr.Text)

Sqlcommand.ExecuteNonQUery() –> Executes a Transact-SQL statement against the connection and returns the number of rows affected.

Instr() –> returns a long position

  • ex: Instr(errortext, “Duplicate”) > 0 that means the errormessage contains duplicate if greater than zero


mySqlDataAdapter –> Represents a set of data commands and a database connection that are used to fill the DataSet and update a SQL Server database.